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Prep: 5-10 mins
Cooking: 30mins

Chicken & Chorizo Risotto

Serves 4 people

2 Chicken Breasts

1/2 Chorizo sausage

1-2 Chicken Stock cubes

1 Onion

1-2 Garlic Clove

Paella/risotto rice

1 Pepper

1 Can of Sweetcorn

1/2 Bag of fresh spinach

2 tbsp of sunflower oil


Salt & pepper

1.5 tsp Chilli flakes

1 tsp Paprika


*this goes really well with a fresh salad or on its own.

1. Chop/dice the onion into small pieces.Peel and either chop or use a garlic press to press the garlic clove. Boil the kettle and use a measuring judge to make the chicken stock, I prefer 2 stock cubes in about 1 and ½ pints of water, stir until dissolved.

2. Chop the chorizo into squares – I prefer to do this by cutting it into slices about 1cm thick then the slice is quartered. Chop as much as you want but I would suggest a handful per person.

3. Chop the chicken breast small chunks – about 1 inch by 1.5 cm. you don’t really want it any smaller because it shrinks while it cooks.


4. Heat the oil in a medium/large size pan on the stove. Add the onion, chorizo and pressed/chopped garlic to the pan. Keep on a low heat until the onion start to become clear and the oil will become red from the chorizo. Add the rice, quantity varies according to how many people the meal is for. For two people I would say about a mug and a ¼ to a 1/2 of risotto/paella rice.


5. Stir the rice onions, chorizo and garlic. You will notice the rice is becoming red and clear. Now add the stock, you may need to pour slowly or spoon in the stock as it may bubble up due to the pan being hot- so be careful!


6. Once the stock is added, stir the contents to ensure nothing is stuck to the bottom of the pan. Then add the chicken. Stir once more to ensure nothing is sticking and season with black pepper and chilli flakes( if you want some heat) or paprika(if you want it mild – half a tsp).


7. Leave to simmer for about 20 minutes while checking it every few minutes and stir when necessary to ensure it’s not sticking the bottom of the pan, if the rice is still hard or you think it needs longer top it up with boiling water a little at a time to ensure its nice and moist.


8. While the pan is simmering chop the pepper into small cubes.


9. Add the pepper and sweetcorn after about 20 minutes stir in well, once you think it’s ready probably after about 25 minute, check the chicken and rice to make sure. Then remove from the heat and add the spinach leaves. The heat will cook them and leave to cool if you wish to serve cold or serve straight away- beware it will be hot!!

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